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This is the long-awaited release of the low-frequency loudspeaker design
software. In addition to this README file, three other files are included:

	A tbl/eqn/troff document describing the basic principles behind
	the simplified loudspeaker design and simulation software. To
	process this file, use the pretty straightforward commands:

	    tbl spreadsheet.rof | eqn | troff -me <whatever else>

	I am aware of nothing strange, as far as typsetting tricks are
	concerned, in this file.

	A Postscript version of the above file.  -WKM]
	A spreadsheet database for the UNIX sc spreadsheet calculator
	for designing loudspeaker systems. This database is initialized
	with driver data for a Precision Loudspeakers TP165R-8 6-1/2"
	bass-midrange driver as a practical example (it also provides
	me with a semi-ethical way to make a plug for what I feel is
	the best available bass-midrange driver around!). 

	[The sc program can be obtained via FTP from in file
	/usenet/comp.sources.misc/volume20/sc -WKM]

	The man page source for the above spreadsheet database. It is
	fairly extensive, having as much to do with the general operation
	of the spreadsheet as it does with loudspeakers in general.

The software works reasonably well, given the constraints documented. As
always, refer any bugs, improvements, comments and suggestions to me.

		    Copyright c 1987 Richard Pierce
	This software and documentation is being put in the public
	domain with the provision that full credit be given to the
	author in any subsequent use, publication or distribution.

Dick Pierce