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Anime Reviews

Here are the anime reviews I've written. Several first appeared on Terebi I. While the original dates are obscured, and I'm not always certain of the order of their appearance, I'll generally place the more recent reviews at the top of the list:

A word about how I create reviews. I don't speak Japanese (my attempts at study were foiled by parenthood). So if I'm reviewing a raw Japanese show, I'll often search the internet for factoids. I don't give credit all the time, but I try to write my own words, aside from the factoids. So if you spot a possible (certainly unintentional) plagiarism, please let me know.

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Potential Future Reviews

I've decided that I'll probably skip the Gatekeepers review, since anyone can now buy the DVDs, and unlike some more obscure series licensed in the US, this one seems to have a following already.

On the bright side, I'm moving forward on composing a review, hopefully for December. Sorry for the long hiatus!