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October 04, 2000

Turning Over A New Leaf

I was reading Joel On Software and encountered this little gem:

If you need to write specs and you can't, start a journal, create a weblog, take a creative writing class, or just write a nice letter to every relative and college roommate you've blown off for the last 4 years.

I do a fair amount of writing, but as Alan Cooper points out in About

Most users remain in a perpetual state of adequacy striving for fluency, with their skills ebbing and flowing like the tides, depending on how frequently they use the program. I call this a state of perpetual intermediacy, and such users are perpetual intermediates.

Same goes for my writing. I write enough to have a voice, and to be a
little better than amateurish, but I don't write often enough to really
find that sweet spot.

So now we get to the reason for this weblog. I hope to visit it
occasionally and write a short article on a topic of my fancy,
practicing the art of structuring and honing my words until they sound
good even to me.

Why TeReBi? TeReBi is the Japanese word (gairaigo, or loan word really)
for television. Japanese animation, or anime, is one source of amusement
in my doddering senility, so I expect I'll capture that experience here
in the form of reviews.

So ultimately, I'll write about whatever I please, and link to whatever
I want. Sorry, this won't be a tightly themed weblog. If you wandered
here to see what this is all about, now you know. You are welcome to
stay and read, but this is really all just for me, so quality will vary
widely, and I doubt it will be of interest to anybody but me.

Posted by dpwakefield at October 4, 2000 06:29 PM