Making the Waltham Model 1883

The Waltham model 1883, grade 81, is an 18 size, 15 jewel, full plate watch with a lever set mechanism. This example is a big, heavy watch with a thick crystal and a swing-out case. This model was first produced in 1883, thus the model number.

Here we see it with the balance cock and the mainspring bridge and barel removed.

This watch has a nice, tight, minimal design, featuring an English style lever escapement.

The lever for setting mode is near the 5 on this watch. It is accessed by removing the threaded bezel. Some sort of tool, like a knofe point, is needed to manipulate the lever on this watch, yet that seems to be as designed. There's no sign of excessive wear of anything broken at the end of the \ lever.

These hands are actually not original Waltham parts. The watch needed all new hands, and so I fit a set from a general assortment. These are very similar to factory parts. I had a factory hour hand for comparison, but no minute hand, so I used a different matching set. The factory Waltam hands in this style are just slightly heavier.

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