Making the Waltham Vanguard

The Waltham Vanguard is an 16 size, 23 jewel, bridged watch with a lever set mechanism. This example is a big, heavy watch with a thick crystal and a 10k gold filled, open-faced case. The railroad-grade watch also features an up/down indicator.

The up/down indicator is a power remaining indicator connected by a separate train to the mainspring arbor. It shows how much the spring has been wound. This one is marked from zero to 24 hours.

The dial on this example is just about flawless, no hairlines.

Here we see the dial side of the movement. The power indicator has a wheel like a small hour wheel on a fixed post. There's even a specific four armed dial washer. This one is original.

Here the lever is pulled out for setting mode.

Turning now to the other side...

An impressive blued hairspring on this watch - hard to photograph.

These details show the exposed wheels and washers.

Removing the barrel bridge we get a look at part of the up/down mechanism.

Removing the barrel...

The power indicator mechanism has a complicated two-part brass assembly with an internal idler of steel, all held with two screws. Nice.

Here is the setting lever spring mechanism removed.

The watch has two wheels under the barrel, each with a washer. We see here one of them out, the wheel, screw and washer setting in the barrel hollow.

Here are the winding parts...

Here is the dial side of the lower plate with most parts removed.

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