Ray Liere

I finished my Ph.D. in December 1999. I then worked in software R&D for 4+ years. I then spent some time reforesting our land! And now I am doing research in the area of developing software written in Python for use under Linux. I have over the years developed lots of small to medium software systems for my own use, and I would like to bring some of them to a state where they can be used by others. I have a wealth of what to me are interesting ideas ...

Doctoral Research:
Computer Science Department
Oregon State University
Corvallis, OR 97331

major professor: Prasad Tadepalli

Research Interests

Data and Text Mining, Data and Text Warehousing, Text Categorization, Information Retrieval, Machine Learning

Doctoral Dissertation

Ray Liere, Active Learning with Committees: An Approach to Efficient Learning in Text Categorization Using Linear Threshold Algorithms, 7 December 1999 Gzip'd PostScript


Ray Liere and Prasad Tadepalli, Active Learning with Committees in Text Categorization: Preliminary Results in Comparing Winnow and Perceptron, in Learning for Text Categorization, Technical Report WS-98-05, AAAI Press, 1998 PostScript [a similar paper also appeared in the Proceedings of the 1998 Conference on Automated Learning and Discovery (CONALD'98), 1998 PostScript]

Ray Liere and Prasad Tadepalli, Active Learning with Committees for Text Categorization, in the Proceedings of AAAI-97, Providence, RI, 1997 PostScript

Ray Liere and Prasad Tadepalli, The Use of Active Learning in Text Categorization, in the Working Notes of the AAAI 1996 Spring Symposium on Machine Learning in Information Access, Stanford, CA, 1996 PostScript

Ray Liere, lierer@agora678.rdrop123.com
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